Therapeutic Endoscopy

Often, problems identified during gastroscopy and colonoscopy can be treated there and then. Dr Santosh performs the following therapeutic procedures.


Polypectomy is the excision (removal) of polyps (growths) that occur most commonly in the colon, but also sometimes in other parts of the gut. Bowel cancer generally arises from such polyps, so by excision of these polyps early, we aim to prevent bowel cancer developing. Polypectomy is typically performed with a thin loop of wire called a snare, and Dr Santosh uses modern polypectomy techniques which have significantly reduced the risk of complications from polypectomy. 


Endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR) is an extension of simple polypectomy and can be performed to remove larger polyps during colonoscopy, avoiding the need for invasive surgery. 

Dilatation is the process by which abnormal narrowings of the gut (strictures) are enlarged to help relieve symptoms and blockages. Most commonly, dilatation is used to treat strictures of the oesophagus (that cause difficulty swallowing), but is sometimes used in other parts of the gut as well. Dilatation can be performed using either a bougie (long, flexible tube) or balloon dilator.


Endoscopic therapy of achalasia: Achalasia is a disorder affecting the ability to swallow, and can be treated either with surgery or via endoscopic means. Dr Santosh performs endoscopic therapy of achalasia which has been shown to be as effective as surgery but without the need for an invasive operation.


Argon plasma coagulation (APC) is a form of therapy to treat various disorders including angiodysplasia (abnormal blood vessels) in the gut lining, which are a cause of bleeding and anaemia. APC safely and effectively treats the abnormal tissue to prevent the bleeding from recurring.

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