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Information for New Patients

What to bring

  • Referral from GP or other specialist (this is required in order for you to receive a Medicare rebate)

  • Medicare card

  • Private health fund membership details, if applicable

  • Complete and current list of your medications

  • Any previous tests (blood tests or X-rays/scans) previously performed by another doctor

  • Previous gastroscopy/colonoscopy reports if you have had them performed elsewhere

Dr Santosh Sanagapalli's consultation office at St Vincent's clinic
Patient in consultation with Dr Santosh Sanagapalli at St Vincent's Clinic

What to expect​

At consultation, A/Prof Sanagapalli will listen to your description of the problem, ask any further questions about your symptoms and medical history, perform an examination, provide the likely diagnoses, and provide you with the options for management. Sometimes, additional tests may be required, and he will outline arrangements for these to be performed.

Billing Policy

The practice has a transparent and considerate billing policy. Patients who provide a valid referral from their GP or other specialist receive a significant proportion of their consultation fees back from Medicare as a rebate. Routine procedures are billed with "No Gap" to the patient - i.e. no out of pocket cost to the patient for practitioner fees.

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